Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mmm...that new car smell. Like someone just set fire to a pile of my money.

Just got a new car.

This new (to me) 2004 Sunfire will be getting put through its paces this weekend as I travel to the mysterious island of Cape Breton, where I am hoping that through hijinks and zany action sequences we will develop a long enduring love for one another.

Cause you don't wanna see what that happened to my old car (that bitch!).

Blogging will be light, and by light, I mean non-existent. So for all three people that are regularly reading: take off, you hosers!

Interesting tidbit: A coworker was reading the blog today and asked me why I kept posting things that had nothing to do with the title. I told him that I felt that a non-sequitur or two tends to lighten the discourse.

Then he asked me if non-sequitur was a country.

I told him he must have been thinking of Ecuador.

"Oh", he replied.

Of course, he also likes to wear jean jackets with jeans, in what I playfully like to dub his "Hill-Billy Tuxedo". Crazy little guy*.

*There. Happy now? Stop bugging me.


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