Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ads that would be better if they had dogs in them.

Feminine hygiene products:
Hudson could stick his nose in their crotch and then make a head turned unhappy face with accompanying "Hmm?" noise (or he could just barf).

Hair Gel:
Hudson could have a bunch of dippity-doo dumped all over his fur, completely immobilizing him. An announcer says "Now that's great hold". Hudson looks sad, then barks.

An ad for a Bingo hall:
A series of Bingo numbers is called by a very old looking woman, she is interupted by a loud, and adorable, bark.

Close up on Hudson, drooling happily, one paw draped lazily over his bingo card. He barks once more.

The tagline: "Anybody can win! Including Dogs!" (Hall does not actually permit canines).

Tag Body Spray:
A series of well-dressed men walk past Hudson, who is sitting calmly on a sidewalk.

Suddenly, Hudson lunges at the crotch of an unsuspecting passerby; a blooming red stain is seen opening up on the crotch of the well-dressed man, as Hudson vigorously shakes his head from side to side.

The tagline: "Tag will make your crotch irresistible." Hudson barks, adorably.

And I'm done!

Really dredging the pits now, aren't I?


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