Wednesday, April 12, 2006

These Toys are Thaw-some!

I saw this great poster featuring the characters of Ice Age 2: Everyone Finally Dies at Burger King today. It featured the heading of this post.

I am sure that if I had looked for more signs, I would have found even more bad pun related ditties:

  • Hey Kids! Check out these N-ice toys!
  • Saber(tooth) the flavour in these kickass onion rings!
  • Our Milkshakes are cold as shit! *
  • Try one of our salads with (Ray) Romano lettuce! Y'know 'cause he's in Ice Age!**
  • Don't like a lot of ice in your drink? Too bad. (Ice Age!!)

And.....I'm done.

*Don't know why they posted that one.

**I pictured two guys high-fiving when I wrote this. Maybe that might make it funnier. But not by much.


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