Monday, April 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Movie Post!

I found this classic (if a turd could somehow be considered classic) movie post sitting on my blog unposted.

Here it is cause I'm lazy!


The blockbuster duo of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez combine to pay tribute to the low budget, little watched "Grindhouse" films of their youth by making two high budget, little watched films of their own.

Shining Moment:

Quentin Tarintino is known for revitalizing forgotten actors careers...

Sucking Moment:

Sorry, Michael Biehn; he can't work miracles (but I wish it could!).

Perfect Stranger

This is the film remake of a popular 80's TV Show. Bruce Willis plays the titular sheepherder from the island of Mypos.

Shining Moment:

It isn't really a remake of Perfect Strangers.

Sucking Moment:

It's worse (and it doesn't even have Bronson Pinchot in it!).

The Condemned

Stone Cold follows in the footsteps of the most popular action heroes of all time, like Ice T and Homer Simpson, and plays in "the most dangerous game"*.

Shining Moment:

I've heard that Stone Cold delivers a stunner (a thoughtful monologue on the existence of evil in the universe).

Sucking Moment:

The Condemned actually refers to... um... your mom. I guess.


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