Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And in 9 months we can celebrate the day you were no longer a parasitic organism!

If life begins at conception, how come people don't celebrate that day instead?

Would you have to get presents for your parents? Some sexy little outfits perhaps? Would you have the broken condom bronzed? Would there be a re-enactment? What would you write on the card?

Congratulations on your parents doing it?

Way to be born?

Daddy's little squirt?

The consequences are mindboggling (boggle, boggle, boggle).

PS Have you heard about the new TV show coming out this fall called Inconceivable about a fertility clinic? I could name about 22 reasons why this will suck terribly, but it would hurt my balls to do so.

Suffice to say, creating a television series about a mildly unfunny pun is never a good idea. The first season will climax (Har!) with the doctor having to choose between the life of the mother...or the life of the baby. Unfortunately, that is also how the other 23 episodes will end.

Plus, American Dad is grotesque.

For the first time ever in its entirety, here is the complete transcript of Seth Macfarlane's fateful pitch for American Dad:

"So, its like Family Guy right."

"I'm listening..."

"But so bad that it actually makes you hate Family Guy retroactively!"

"Great! Let's go with it! That'll really piss off those Futurama fans!"

"Terrific! I'll get to work you jacking it?"

"A little."


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