Thursday, July 14, 2005

I just don't want to talk to anyone anymore, and that includes you. Jerk.

It's Video Game Week!!!

This is a kind of bimonthly event where I feel the need to detach from society and play videogames until Poul just can't handle it anymore and comes over with coffee and MacDonald's and Kyle and then Poul yells at me and takes his shirt off and then falls asleep on my sofa.

The question for this week is "What the dilly, yo?!" (also "I wonder which game I should get?")

First up, the major contenders:

Metal Arms
Cool, metal arms! Maybe I can give someone the bionic elbow! Wait a sec...Is he dead? Or is he just a crappy date?*

It looks pretty terrible, but it has pirates, so its got that goin' on.

I like this game so much, I have been refusing to beat it just so that I can keep playing with it!*

Fooling around on the internet
See comments above or below.

Half-Life 2
I already beat it once. I'd better give it a little time until I try it again. Can hardly wait though!

NHL Eastside Hockey Manager
It is because of this game that I have to get another game in order to relax. Besides, Hockey's back, Bitches!!

Eating Fudgsicles and looking longingly at the elliptical trainer
Not exactly a game, but always an option. Popular option too!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
I am way too lazy for a game that lets me do anything. Sure, I can have simulated sex with a prostitute, but I could do that next door if I wanted to.**

Watch TV then get bored and do nothing
Ding Ding Ding!!!! We have a winner!

*Actual wrestling signs created by people I know:
"My Cat's breath smells like Hulk Hogan"
"Funaki gave me SARS"
"I went out with Lex Lueger and all I got was dead"

**Nice people.


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