Monday, August 08, 2005

Awesome things to do with a power ring (according to Erin).

Everyone knows that Green lantern possesses the most powerful weapon in the universe.

A weapon, fueled by willpower, able to do essentially anything the wielder desires.

I just asked Erin for her suggestions for the best uses of a power ring; here they are:

1) World Peace

2) Stop Global Warming

3) End Hunger and Child Poverty

4) Cure for Aids and Cancer

5) Cure illiteracy

See, this is exactly why Erin (or a Miss World Finalist...or an eleven year-old) would make a crappy super-hero.

I asked her how in the hell was a power ring going to cure AIDS or illiteracy?

"You can use the power to make someone so smart that they can cure it or give someone all the money in the world so that they can cure it."

Awesome. Hard to argue with that logic. Sounds like a Judd Winick comic (That means it's terrible, wink).

Still better than my ideas*.

*Two words: Cock Ring. How awesome would that be? Especially if it could produce enormous boxing gloves.


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