Thursday, July 28, 2005

If I could do something about the stink, don't you think I would?

Man, I should just not be allowed to wear sandals.

As I write this, my sandals are out on the patio (much to the detriment of our neighbours) and my feet are being swaddled with various ointments and alcohols. So much so in fact, that I am slightly dizzy...but not from the alcohol.

You see, my foot stench has reached critical mass; I define this as the point when the smell can cause momentary loss of consciousness in the elderly and infirm, combined with when my girlfriend doesn't find it funny anymore.

So here I sit, alcohol burning off the top several layers of hard stinky foot shell until it reaches my candy center.

Yes, indeed; I should not be allowed to wear sandals.

But I hate washing socks SOOO much.


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