Thursday, August 11, 2005

T-Shirt slogans I would make if I could...


This is not a t-shirt.

I liked having sex with chicks before it was cool.

Did you go pee or are you just happy to see me?


My penis is like wet bread.

Hockey players are still overpaid.

Marketing associates can market all night long.

I worship a 2000 year-old carpenter.

Jesus is my hogey (A picture of a pita, with Jesus inside it)

Front: High-Five! Back: I don't wash my hands!

You ever worn a t-shirt...on weed?

You sucked your mother's tits.

Front: I'm hung like a horse Back: A seahorse.

I watched professional wrestling back when it was still called gay sex.

This slogan epitomizes my beliefs.

This is my wipe-up shirt.

Classy! Sassy! Gassy!

What a great fuckin' dog (With kick-ass inspirational picture of my dog on front).

Front: Look at the back of my shirt and you'll see god. Back: See, there's nothing. What an awesome metaphor.

Front: If being gay is wrong... Back: Then I guess George Bush was right.

Front: Let's fuck! Back: TO THE EXTREME!!!!

Ask me about comic books.

Northern Lights forever, Bitches! (A picture of a thugged up Gord Lightfoot and Ann Murray).

Like cheese, I get better with age. Plus, I stink.

Oh, it's too hot today.

Hot to trot (With picture of horse).

You're a bigger Star Trek fan.

Episode III was terrible.

Emotional virgin.

I came in a broken home (picture of someone humping a dollhouse).

I'm hiding my fat. Badly.

Front: If you can read this... Back: You're ready for The Devinci Code.


Blogger doogie said...

If anyone is wondering, my personal favorite is "Hot to trot".

10:16 PM  

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